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Pilar Fraile

“What is surprising is her narrative skill: The ability to synthesize and keep tension...” Letras Libres


Pilar Fraile (Salamanca, 1975) is considered by the critics as one of the most disturbing voices of Spanish literary scene. Her works deal with the problematic relationship between past and present values and the relationship between the self and the community. She teaches philosophy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is a doctor in comparative literature. Her publications include the novel Las ventajas de la vida en el campo  (Caballo de Troya-Penguin Random House, 2018) and the short stories collection Los nuevos pobladores (Ediciones Traspiés, 2014). Her work has been translated into Norwegian, Portuguese and English, and excerpts have being published in many journals like AsymptoteThe Drunken BoatCircumference, The Paris Review, The Chicago Review and Conjuctions. Her forthcoming novel is Días de euforia (Euphoria Days) www.pilar.fraile.amador.com



Días de euforia (Euphoria Days)

56.500 words


Rights acquired by:

Alianza Editorial (World Spanish)




Las ventajas de vivir en el campo (Advantages of Living in the Countryside)

Caballo de Troya, 2018 / 304 pages


Rights acquired by:

Caballo de Troya (World Spanish)







What is surprising is her narrative skill: The ability to synthesize and keep tension.” Letras Libres magazine

“A fineness to detect the fears and desires of a whole society.” Mercedes Cebrián

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