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Marcos Eymar

“The promising debut of a new novelist.” Revista Leer


Marcos Eymar (Madrid, 1979) lives in France and is a professor at the University of Orléans. Some of his early stories were awarded in different literary contests such Los Nuevos de Alfaguara (Alfaguara´s News, Alfaguara, 1995) or the Isabel de España (Isabel of Spain, 2001). His first short stories book Objetos encontrados (Found objects, Castalia, 2007) won the XVII Premio Tiflos (Tiflos Award) and was mentioned among the best book of the year by ‘Babelia’ supplement. Hendaya, his first novel, was awarded with the XVI Premio Vargas Llosa (XVI Vargas Llosa Prize, Hotel de las Letras/Océano, 2013). He is author in French of the essay La langue plurielle (L’Harmattan, 2011) and has traslated into Spanish Gaspard de la Nuit by Aloysius Bertrand and also some short stories by Le Clézio. Marcos is a colaborator of Spanish and Latin American magazines as ‘El Ciervo’ and ‘Los hijos de la Malinche’. He coordinates a writing workshop at the Instituto Cervantes in Paris together with other writers settled in that city. His forthcoming novel is El último libro (The Last Book, Pre-Textos)


Hendaya (Hendaya)

Siruela, 2015 / 196 pages


Rights acquired by:

Siruela (Spain)

Hotel de las Letras (LatAm)

Actes Sud (France)






“An author with a unique style who knows well his job as novelist.”   Juan Ángel Juristo, ABC Cultural 

In a frontier bar between France and Spain, a cornered man imagines the explanation he will give to the assassins that are coming to catch him. “How did I joined on this mission?” wonders Jacques Munoz, without ñ, son of an Spanish immigrant decided to force her son to forget their language. When his mother died, his interest for the forbitten language revive and he realizes that all the enigmas of their past are tied to their Spanish roots.

He starts to obsessively learn Spanish and accepts an illegal job that requires him to travel frecuently from Paris to Madrid. A risky adventure begins for him covering two times, two cities, two languages. Soon Jacques is wrapped in a fight to the death between two groups of smugglers, in a history of men and women who were forced to leave their countries, and in the private life of a stripper. A great literary thriller that explores why some people risk their lives in order to have another life.

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