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Juan Pablo Roncone

“Extraordinary and endearing.” Alberto Fuguet


Juan Pablo Roncone was born in Arica (Chile) in 1982, and at the age of nineteen he settled in Santiago. In 2007 he won the Roberto Bolaño Literary Creation Prize with an (still) unpublished novel. With his short stories volumen Hermano ciervo (Brother Deer) Roncone received the Santiago´s Prize for Literature. Some stories of Brother Deer have been translated into English and have appeared in magazines such New York´s Tweed, Sand of Berlin, and The Short Story Project in Tel Aviv, as well as in the ‘Traviesa’´s anthology Childless Parents.

Represented in collaboration with Laurel Libros



Hermano ciervo (Brother Deer)

Laurel Libros, 2016 / 128 pages


Rights acquired by:

Edicola (Italy)

Fiordo Editorial (Argentina)

Laurel Libros (Chile)

Marbot (Spain)

Storytel (Audiobook – Spanish)

Sudaquia (USA – Spanish)




In Brother Deer ‘circumstances push actions’ of the characters that live in its pages. Circumstances such as a Barber who can´t longer bear that the man who ran over his only son have his own healthy. Or as three friends that travel southward, but perceived to be going North, who will no longer have secrets when a Kangaroo – surviver of a plane crash – crosses with them along the way. Or as the brother of a suicide who tries to find the explanation causes of his death.

Circumstances of a fruitless, sterile and everyday vitality. The stories that make up this amazing first work are tuned by the ear of an unusual, outstanding observer.

“The characters of Brother Deer don´t cry, don´t do sports neither go to parties. They are shy people that never were on the top, people of warm appearance that drag the time and cry out in silence. Common people. Single people who don’t want to be alone. Children, parents, hairdressers, students, brothers, pensioners, lovers…” Alejandra Costamagna

“Extraordinary and endearing (…) this book – just like its characters – is not part of a race but a delicate object that doesn´t need more time to improve. It only needs to find the right readers.” Alberto Fuguet


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