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Darío Zalapa

Here is the new generation of Mexican Noir.

© Tania Adriana


Darío Zalapa (Michoacán, México, 1990) has written three short stories volumes among which Los rumores del miedo (The Rumors of Fear, Tierra Adentro, 2012) stands out and place Darío as the youngest author of this collection promoted by Mexican Secretary of Culture. In 2011, The Juan Rulfo Foundation and The Book Fair of Michoacán awarded Darío with the Juan Rulfo Prize for his story “Lanugo” (Lanugo). Some of his stories have been featured in diverse anthologies such 11 navajas (11 Knifes, Tierra Adentro). Dario´s first novel is Perro de ataque (Attack Dog, José Fuentes Mares Award)¸ written under the auspices of México´s National Fund for the Arts Young Creators Scholarship.



Perro de ataque (Attack Dog)

Ediciones B México, 2017 / 328 pages


Rights acquired by:

Ediciones B México (México)








At night Roque listen somebody calling to his door. It´s his neighbor the Mazacote: He has murdered by mistake an almost a child assailant and wants Roque´s help to get rid of the body. They are seen by crime reporter Rodrigo Quintana while leaving the body in a bridge. None of them knows they are dumping a nephew of the most powerful capo of the city.

Their stories will be along the plot up to coming together inevitably once they discover that the other is their only possibility of amendment: Quintana is an arrogant and corrupt senior reporter with a declining career who writes his articles according to the desires of a local criminal group. Roque is a former official of once Federal Electoral Institute of México as well as an action movies fanatic of a solitary and apathetic routine – until he begins to be pursued by a couple of hitmen.

Having an anonymous city in ruins as scenario – a metaphor of México overwhelmed by former President Felipe Calderón and his war against drug trafficking – Quintana and Roque will move forward in their own tragedies, always a step away from starring the following note at the newspapers´ crime section.

Attack Dog exhibits Mexican journalism between 2006 and 2012 when the news media were giving one more step towards the immediacy offered by the Internet – while paradoxically Mexican reporters and journalists were attacked, disappeared and killed in a terrifying routine. Finally, Attack Dog is a reflection on survival instinct, fear and the naturalization of violence.

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