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Carlos Gamerro

A contemporary master of Argentine literature.

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Carlos Gamerro (Buenos Aires, 1962) has studied and taught Literature at Buenos Aires University (UBA) and teaches at present at the Universidad de San Andrés and at the MALBA. In 2007 he was Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University and in 2008 he participated in the International Writers Workshop (Iowa). His publications include the novels Las Islas (Edhasa, 2012), El sueño del señor juez (Veintisiete Letras, 2008), El secreto y las voces (Edhasa, 2011), La aventura de los bustos de Eva (Edhasa, 2012), Un yuppie en la columna del Che Guevara (Edhasa, 2011) and Cardenio (Edhasa, 2016); the book of short stories El libro de los afectos raros (Interzona, 2013). Canibbals in Paris is his latest novel.    www.carlosgamerro.com



La jaula de los onas (Cannibals in Paris)

Alfaguara, May 2021 / 480 pages


Rights acquired by:

Alfaguara/Penguin Random House (World Spanish)








In 1889, a family of Selk’nam Indians, who until then had had no contact with European culture, where abducted from their native Tierra del Fuego and taken to Paris, where they were kept in a cage and exhibited as ‘Patagonian cannibals’ at the Universal Exhibition. They were subsequently taken to London, from where the Chilean authorities grudgingly agreed to repatriate them, but of the original eleven only four made it back to their homeland, where they were absorbed into the system of the Catholic missions. One of them, known as Kalapakte/Calafate, stayed behind and made it back on his own, nobody really knows how. The novel offers a fictional account of his peculiar Odyssey, that takes him, in the company of a young German anarchist he meets at the top of the Eiffel Tower and becomes his close friend, from Europe to Greenland, where the first Arctic expedition of Peary and Cook is taking place, to the Chicago Exhibition of 1893, the Great Railroad Strike of 1894 and eventually, down to a Buenos Aires caught in the grip of a revolutionary uprising and the Penal colony of Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, from whence escape is possible to the territory where the Selk’nam still roam free.




Edhasa literaria, 2016 / 296 pages

Original manuscript written in English / 74,000 words


Rights adquired by:

Edhasa Argentina (Southern Cone)








Cardenio imagines the story of Shakespeare and Fletcher’s lost play of the same name, based on Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

In the year 1612, John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont, who, according to records of the day, ‘lived together on the Bankside, not far from the playhouse, both bachelors; lay together; had one wench in the house between them, which they did so admire; the same clothes and cloak etc. between them’, break up their famed partnership when Beaumont takes off to wed a rich heiress and give up the life of a playwright. The parting of the dauntingly beautiful and enchanting Beaumont leaves Fletcher and their maid Joan to their own devices, and Fletcher to face the task of writing a new play for the King’s Men. Unaccustomed to writing on his own, Fletcher must find a new partner, and at this point the main actor and leader of the company, Richard Burbage, asks him to team up with Will Shakespeare, who after The Tempest seems to have lost all power and desire to write for the stage. Obliged to settle for second best, Fletcher approaches the much-admired, but now rather intractable playwright with the recently translated Don Quixote, and suggests they work on the story of Cardenio, a young Spanish gentleman who goes mad when his bride is stolen by his best friend.

Cardenio is a story of friendship and love, and love triangles, of love of poetry and the stage. Eschewing the use of a conventional narrator, Carlos Gamerro’s novel is composed entirely of letters, dialogues, poems and fragments of plays, recreating in contemporary forms the vital and verbal richness of the time.



El secreto y las voces  (An Open Secret)

Edhasa literaria, 2011 / 256 pages


Rights acquired by:

Liana Levi (France)

Pushkin Press (World English)

Septime Verlag (Austria – World German)


English and French translations available




An Open Secret is paced like a taut thriller that … ultimately, rewards the reader … Gamerro creates a vivid sense of how gossip can poison a small town.” The Independent

“Carlos Gamerro’s An Open Secret … has the makings of a classic.” The Economist

An Open Secret digs away at the shallow graves of recent decades to find the pettiness, narrow-minds, and rivalries that motivated it.” The Guardian

Drawing on the legacy of Argentina’s Dirty War, Carlos Gamerro’s An Open Secret is a compelling postmodern thriller confronting guilt, complicity and the treachery of language itself. Dario Ezcurra is one of the thousands of Argentinians unlucky enough to be ‘disappeared’ by the military government-murdered by the local chief of police with the complicity of his friends and neighbours. Twenty years later, Fefe, a child at the time of the murder, returns to the town where Dario met his fate and attempts to discover how the community let such a crime happen. Lies, excuses and evasion ensue – desperate attempts to deny the guilty secret of which the whole community, even Fefe himself, is afraid.


Las Islas  (The Island)

Edhasa literaria, 2012 / 640 pages


Rights acquired by:

An Other Stories (World English)


English translation available






“A bravura piece of writing, with a cinematic sweep, sustained drama, and pitch-perfect dialogue.” The Independent

“The reader is dragged headlong by Barnett’s athletic translation … a highly addictive comic voice, its peaks of hectic farce underlaid by a delicate, deadpan absurdism.” TLS

“A weird and wonderful thriller.” The Observer

“Gamerro picks history’s what-the-fuck moments, which when found in fiction are so strange as to knock the reader momentarily out of the imaginary world.” The Guardian

“A danger-laden, mind-bending and ultimately redemptive quest. […] There are more ideas here than most writers would fit in 10 novels.” The Independent on Sunday

“I urge you to find and read a copy of this important novel.” Huffington Post UK

A complex and ambitious exploration of how history is memorialised.” The Literateur

Buenos Aires, 1992. Hacker Felipe Félix is summoned to the vertiginous twin towers of magnate Fausto Tamerlán and charged with finding the witnesses to a very public crime. Rejecting the mission is not an option. After a decade spent immersed in drugs and virtual realities, trying to forget the freezing trench in which he passed the Falklands War, Félix is forced to confront the city around him – and realises to his shock that the war never really ended. A detective novel, a cyber-thriller, an inner-city road trip and a war memoir, The Islands is a hilarious, devastating and dizzyingly surreal account of a history that remains all too raw.


La aventura de los bustos de Eva   (The adventure of the busts of Eva Perón)

Edhasa literaria, 2012 / 432 pages


Rights acquired by:

An Other Stories (World English)

Septime Verlag (Austria – World German)







At the time, it seems a matter of routine. Fausto Tamerlane, the ruthless real estate magnate, has been kidnapped by the Montoneros, and both family members and company executives expect the demands of the kidnappers. But with these comes the stupor: in addition to the ransom money, Montoneros demand that original busts of Eva Perón must be erectedin each office of the company. Nothing less than 92 busts.

Who will be responsable to obtain such amount in a short time posible? None other than than Ernesto Marroné, the loyal and efficient Purchasing manager of the company. Or at least it seemed so. The following days we will – and he will – discover new facets of his personality. He will no longer be Marroné of Tamerlane and sons, but Marrone of Montoneros?

In this singular change, which begins as a series of misunderstandings, there are both chance and destiny. Marroné will discover a world of politics and passion so different to his previous life –sustained on conformism and confort, base on self-helf and management books which marked a path that seems a suspense.

Meanwhile, the days pass and Tamerlane’s life hangs by a thread and the country is absorbe by violence.Althoug dictatorship has not began. The worse is coming.

The adventure of the busts of Eva is an authentic narrative marvel. A novel that reflects the potential, voracity and madness of an era.


Un Yuppie en la columna de Che Guevara (A Yuppie in the column of Che Guevara)

Edhasa literaria, 2011 / 418 pages


Rights acquired by:

Ayrinti Yayinlari (Turkey)








Nineties. Any afternoon Ernesto Marrone, the successful executive of Tamerlane and sons, returns to his country house and discovers a poster of Che Guevara in the room of his teenage son. In that moment, he realizes is time to talk about his guerrilla past. The image of that man of mane and steel look returns him to the summer of 1975 when his attempt to mediate the release of Mr. Tamerlane, who was kidnapped by the Montoneros, leads him after a string of fatalities and misunderstandings to become head of column of the same guerrilla organization. There he discovers another world (militant, rough and caring), also the (true) love and he feels capable of adopting the New Man cause. He doesn´t longer care about his successful career, family/home when the random or perhaps a mocker destiny that seems to chase him visiously, returns him to previous life, as if the short summer revolution was only a dream that once dissipated, left him half way between desolation and dissilusion.

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