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Augusto Cruz García-Mora

“Cruz is halfway between William Burroughs and Stephen King.” Le Figaro


Augusto Cruz (Tampico, México, 1971) is a writer, scriptwriter and film critic. He has studied film screenwriting in México & UCLA, and the Masterclass for Filmmakers from the Directors Guild of México. He has been jury of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema (Cuba) and has obtained several awards and scholarships on screenplay and film critic. Augusto currently gives cinema and literature workshops, and is writing his second novel.





Londres después de medianoche (London After Midnight)

Océano / 316 pages


Rights acquired by:

Atlas Contact (The Netherlands)

Christian Bourgois (France)

Folio (France – paperback)

Océano (Latin America)

Seix Barral (Spain)

Suhrkamp (Germany)



Retired agent Mc Kenzie –and trusted man of the legendary FBI director J. Edgar Hoover– is hired by famous collector Forrest Ackerman to investigate the whereabouts of the first American vampire film, the most sought-after film in history: ‘London After Midnight’. Everything indicates that the last copy was lost in the late sixties. However, an enigmatic young man declares that he recently watched it in a private screening.

According to the legend, ‘London After Midnight’ brought misfortune to the cast -because some actors were real vampires- cinemas that exhibited the film burned down and those who seek it disappear. Old school detective Mc Kenzie doesn’t believe in the curse and begins the aventure of finding the tape.

Augusto Cruz debuts with a novel full of suspense based on one of the greatest mysteries in the history of cinema, a legendary search reflected with an unusual narrative elegance. An amazing documen-tation exercise full of real anecdotes. A captivating story that brilliantly evokes the classic silent horror films, perfect for celluloid lovers and fans of good mystery books.

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