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Arelis Uribe

“A spearheading from a powerful new generation of Chilean female writers.” El País

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Arelis Uribe (Santiago de Chile, 1987) is a journalist and also Master in Political Communication. In 2016 she received the prestigious “Santiago en 100 palabras” Award for her story “Lionel”, and with Quiltras The Chilean National Council of Culture and Arts Award for best published book in 2017. Arelis has been Communications Director of the Chilean Observatory Against Street Harassment and of the Presidential campaign of Beatriz Sánchez. She is pursuing the Master on Creative Writing at NYU and works in a narrative non-fiction book to be published by Planeta in 2020.




Quiltras (Mongrel Dogs)

Tránsito, 2019 / 108 pages

One of the best books from Latin America in 2017 selected by Jorge Carrión in The New York Times

“An indispensable author that has many thing to say.” Inés Martín Rodrigo, ABC Cultural

“… it is her talent that – like King Midas – turns outstanding any thing. She decides where the communicative power is into her writing and she get it right… a dazzling debut.” Juan Marqués, El Mundo

“These stories are about borders –age, neighbourhood, bodily desire – and about some women stare to others. And how that means a look of complicity and a necessity of understanding  each other.” Marta Sanz, Babelia

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